5 part blog series: football, NOLA, and brain

Folks, 1. Football

Brian Burke of Advanced NFL Stats has written a 5-part blog series about a counter-intuitive thing: when the best thing to do is LET the opponent score a touchdown. This featured prominently in the last SuperBowl, where (yes Dad) the Giants triumphed over the Patriots.

What are the counter-intuitive ideas in teaching and schooling?

2. New Orleans

Neerav of NSNO wrote a 5-part series for superintendents a few months ago.

His advice: Relinquish power.

Here's part 1.

3. Brain science.

Dan Willingham has a 5-part blog series, too. He writes:

I wrote a blog entry about why it's so difficult to apply neuroscientific data to educational practice, but claiming towards the end that doing so was possible. This week I sought to specify how it's possible by describing five techniques bring neuroscientific data to bear on education.