"Doors Open": 3 New Boston Schools

http://vimeo.com/57015378# Our friends at Barr Foundation produced this 12-minute video. It profiles 3 new Boston schools.

The first is Margarita Muñiz Academy. MMA is a two-way bilingual Spanish-English High School. Shout outs to Meg Campbell and Greg Gunn for helping get this off the ground. If you want to know what 2-way bilingual means, watch the video.

Then there's Dudley Street Neighborhood Charter School. I blogged about here in September. Christine, their principal, is married to our middle school principal, Megan. I'm pretty sure I noticed our 2-year-old checking out their almost 2-year-old on Thanksgiving.

Finally the film profiles KIPP Boston. This gives me an excuse to say hey to Fernando and Elysa, hope to see you soon.

[Also a reminder for me to link to a nuanced recent blog by Caleb. It's 14 ways HOW teachers can set high expectations.]

Melinda Marble of Barr Foundation writes:

On its own, each school offers a compelling story – one of vision, mission, and bright hopes for kids. Yet, looked at together, they are also part of a bigger story about breakthroughs in old debates about public education. These schools were all made possible by new education legislation passed in 2010. “An Act Relative to the Achievement Gap” gave Massachusetts districts like Boston new tools for helping struggling schools, and also for expanding their portfolio of choices with new, innovative schools, like Muniz, Dudley, and KIPP Boston.

Since the 2010 act was passed, Barr has dedicated a portion of its education funding to helping schools like these get off to a strong start.

These schools also exemplify a new conversation underway in Boston – one that is flipping the script on the historically chilly relationship between charter and traditional district schools. As Boston’s historic “District-Charter Compact” makes plain, there is a new openness by Boston Public Schools to collaborate in meaningful ways with a wide variety of school operators, including charter, and parochial schools.