Q: What's The Safest Place To Hide From Ed Researchers?

A: The Classroom Bob Presbie is Professor Emeritus at SUNY New Paltz. He wrote a great blog over at PDQ. He writes:

Here's some data from three prominent schools of education:

Only 16 of the 1,928 publications described experiments done within actual classrooms. The other 12 experimental studies were done outside of the classroom in laboratories.

Imagine what the state of education would be if ALL of those 1,928 publications reported on classroom-based research, all with the purpose of improving the academic and social behaviors of students. Imagine further if this were being done by all of the other education professors in the OVER 1,400 schools of education across the country.

I made a similar argument in this Education Next essay last year. I try to explore the "why." That is:

Those 3 million teachers generate about 2 billion hour-long classes per year. We do not know empirically which “teacher moves,” actions that are decided by individual teachers in their classrooms, are most effective at getting students to learn. Why doesn’t this kind of research get done?