Know A Runner?

81hsvpSNyxL._SL1500_My cousin Cameron Stracher's new book is ready for pre-order.

It was 1978. Jimmy Carter was President; gas prices were soaring; and Americans were hunkering down to weather the economic crisis. But in bookstores Jim Fixx’s The Complete Book of Running was a bestseller. Frank Shorter’s gold medal in the 1972 Olympic marathon had put distance running in the mind of a public enamored of baseball and football. Suddenly, the odd activity of "jogging" became "running," and America was in love.

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2. Then again, if you know a young lawyer or laywer-to-be, you can buy this oldie-but-goodie -- Cam's life as an associate in a top-notch law firm. Vivek, I'm looking at you.