Contest! Rename This Blog

We're not starting an ed school anymore, Dorothy. It's started. Here's my first blog entry, from January 2010. What I'd described as a "yearlong journey" took 2. But we're up and running.

So I think this blog is ready for a new name. I've brainstormed. So far, I've got "Mike G's blog." And that's it.

Would appreciate other ideas. Winner gets to name his/her price*!

While I will continue blog about ed schools, rookie teachers, and teacher prep, I'll also continue to write about other topics, too. On my mind:

1. Ed-tech. Which tools help kids and make schoolteachers' lives easier, not harder? How will MOOCs change teacher prep, if at all?

2. Pleasure reading. How to flip more reluctant readers into what Kimberly calls "voracious" pleasure-readers?

3. Parents. How can we knock down the "Teacher-Parent Berlin Wall," so it's much easier for us all to work together?

4. College success and failure. How do grit (Dan W: drink!), knowledge (ahoy Robert), and $ affect college outcomes? What can we do to raise a kid's chances of success, both during K-12 and once in college?

5. The mostly barren world of p.d. and the promise of 1:1 teacher coaching. What works?

6. High-dosage math tutoring. My colleague Alan is leading work in this area, along with several friends. It. Is. Spreading. How can do better?

7. Understanding teacher time. Many things teachers are asked to do may (if done well) raise student achievement, but also make a teacher's job harder. Can we make teachers lives easier without diminishing student learning? Example: Grading. Anything that would help our 4 million teachers have more choices on how they might invest their limited and valuable time, both in and out of class.

All those edu-puzzles and more.

As for blog name ideas, so far besides Mike G's Blog (sound okay?), my 4 year old suggested "Something with Thor in it. Or The Hulk." Maybe you can do better.

*So long as it's cheap.