Round Up: Entrepreneurs In Residence; Haystack and myEdMatch

1. Are you a TFA alum? I'm not but this is interesting.

NewSchools is pleased to introduce its inaugural Learning to Teach EIR Program in partnership with Teach For America.

In the summer of 2013, we are inviting up to two individuals or up to two teams of two from Teach For America’s Alumni network to become paid Entrepreneur(s) in Residence (EIRs) and spend from six to ten months laying the groundwork for a new organization that will prepare teachers for schools in low-income communities.

NewSchools is aiming to profoundly disrupt the current teacher preparation market by unleashing talent in generating bold, innovative solutions where the primary focus is on developing new teachers who are able to make student growth gains of at least one year from their first year as a classroom teacher.

2. Two new companies

Neerav from NOLA is informally advising this one:

Haystack EDU is a national online platform that efficiently and effectively helps match great teachers with schools and other opportunities. This free service for teachers allows them to create a profile and tell their story, utilize a search and filtering mechanism to narrow down choices based on important characteristics to them, and employ a feature called "show interest" which alerts schools that you are interested in learning more.

b. Our friend Munro will be speaking at Harvard on March 25th. He co-founded a new company called

myEDmatch is a job-matching site that brings together good-fit schools and teachers based on their common beliefs about education. It's like online dating for education jobs. myEDmatch was founded with one purpose in mind: to make it radically easier for good-fit teachers and schools to find each other. We believe that fit matters. It’s just as important as the quality of the curriculum or professional development in a school. Good-fit schools and teachers create communities of success.

I'm not a mergers & acquisitions expert, but call me crazy: I wonder if these young companies are talking to each other.