Tablet v Laptop

Allan writes:

In the home the child can sit on a couch, on the floor, or at the kitchen table with the tablet conveniently in their lap. If the child needs to get help or ask a question or just wishes to be in another room, they simply get up and carry the tablet to where the parent or rest of the family are, or are not. It is no different and no more effort than carrying a book.

In the classroom, the tablet screen sets low on the desk, the same as a folder, notepad, or textbook. The tablet does not create a separation between teacher and students. And again, the tablet is easily moved and shared.

A tablet is something two people can look at, discuss, and fluidly share control of. This, too, is unlike a PC. On a PC the sole source of control issues from the keyboard and mouse. A PC is not fluidly shared, as only one person can have their hands on those devices at a time.

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