Job: What Do You Call It When....?

We're looking to make a hire. My question today: what exactly would you call the following job?

The job has components of: traditional teacher, principal, and teacher coach. Ahem. Let me explain.

Match Next is the name of a new school model we're developing. It will be a No Excuses school, but with a "blended learning model."

A "Match Next Teacher" will not do conventional teaching to 25 kids at once. Instead, imagine a room with 10 teacher residents (who are mostly recent college grads), each working with 3 students.

*Like a principal managing rookie teachers, or like a teacher coach or dean of faculty, the Match Next Teacher manages all of those 10 full-time teacher residents -- coaches them, develops them, inspires them, bosses them around when needed.

*Like a conventional teacher during "independent practice time", a Match Next Teacher circulates constantly and jumps in with these tutorial groups -- helping kids, troubleshooting problems, dealing with off-task kids, making sure advanced learners are being addressed, etc.

*There is no 4 to 5 hours a day of lecture+ with 25 students. No grading papers. No entering grades. That's gone from the Match Next Teacher.

Instead all the work is: making and refining great curriculum (including technology-based curric); training and aggressively coaching the tutors; and really digging deep on figuring out each INDIVIDUAL kid and what he/she needs. You have to love all 3 puzzles to love this job.

What are we calling it right now, as we search? Master Teacher (of English; we got math). A challenge is other schools use this designation to mean something different: really effective traditional teacher.

Update: In the comments, Ed Liu suggests

Did you consider Lead Instructor? Lead, obviously to signal the leadership aspect of the job… Instructor to get away from “teacher.”

Lead Teacher has its own connotation and is more about coordinating peers (e.g., Grade Level lead or department lead)…. rather than setting direction and having overall responsibility.