More Efficient Lesson Planning

Over at Maia's blog, Zack writes:

The Before (aka The Old-Fashioned Way):

Zack shares, “My old lesson planning process used to take me hours a day, and was a real drain on my time. On a daily basis, I sat down to plan one lesson at a time, from start to finish. Or, if I was trying to get ahead by planning several lessons at once, I would start with Monday, then do Tuesday, and so on… and it took HOURS!”

What was his new, improved way? Click here to find out.

Hint: on weekends I cook large batches of meat. Feeds kids for the week. I was discussing the merits of this approach with Orin. He and I are on "improvement plans" from our lovely wives, pertain in part to our "home efficiency" at doing stuff. If Orin improves enough, and G* (a high school student at Match) doesn't achieve a B average on his next report card (no B minuses), then Orin gets to go to the Knicks-Celts game, court-side seats. It's a long story.

But the common thread: batches. Large batches.