The Ladder

1. This is one of the early rungs on the ladder.  A second grader wrote a thank you note last week to a wonderful Match teacher, Ms. Goodwin.


2. This is the one of the later rungs on the ladder.  Two old guys having drinks with 3 Match alums.  They were about 14 years old when Bob Hill and I met them in 2000 and 2001.  Now they're 27.  We hung out for a few hours at the pub down the street from Match High.  Travis works in I.T. for Fidelity.  Ashlie works for Bain.  Stesha clerks for a Superior Court judge. 

I suspect young Lily will have a beer with Ms. Goodwin in 20 years.  Or maybe tea.  Or perhaps take one of Ms. G's Zumba courses. 

Thanks to all our teachers.