Neerav's Four Arrows

Our friend Neerav writes:

Arrow 2: Technology I am bearish on the short-term (5 year) impact of tech on K-12 but bullish on the longer-term (10-20 years). Right now, mediocre software and immature school models dominate the space. But this will likely change as market pressures force better academic material, entrepreneurs further hone their school models, and AI technology grows more sophisticated. Given that there is some chance we’ll be able to upload our brains to computers in the next 100 years, it seems reasonable to believe that better education tech will be available in the next decade or two.

At Match we're busy creating an immature school model, called Match Next.

Or more precisely: Ray, who is leading our work here, is immature. Though now engaged!  Congrats Ray. 

And luckily he'll have Debby and Ryan to provide maturity as they launch their work in July. 

Read Neerav's whole thing here.  There are 3 other arrows.  If you like things in 4, check out this classic video, The Four Horsemen of Fixed Mindset. 

Olivia is deputy director and former special education teacher at Phoenix Charter Academy, in Chelsea, MA. She volunteered to role-play a teacher getting feedback and not handling it well. The guy holding the camera is my colleague and Olivia’s husband, Randall. This first video, entitled “You’re Wrong I Rule,” is about 4 minutes. You’ll love the non-verbal communication.

Other Match-related wedding stuff here.  If you want the bride, Tiffany, to plan your wedding, let me know and I'll ask about her fee.  If you want the groom, Mario, to plan your wedding, please let me know and I'll pay any fee, as that would be crazy. 

Also congrats for soon-to-be-married Pete Fishman.  Should he shave?  Undecided at this point.  The link doubles as an ad for Harvard's EdLD program.