Uncommon For The Win !

Broad Prize:

A nine-member review board, comprised of education leaders, researchers, policymakers, and practitioners, analyzed publicly available achievement data from the 27 eligible charter networks and selected Uncommon Schools for the prize. Achievement First and KIPP Foundation were the other two finalists.

Uncommon Schools was recognized for closing the achievement gap for low-income students and African-American students at four times the rate as the average charter network eligible for the award—a significant feat considering that Uncommon predominantly serves black and Hispanic populations, over 80 percent of which are low-income. Specifically, Uncommon closed 56 percent of the achievement gaps between low-income students and their peers, compared to the eligible charters' average of 13 percent. When comparing black students to their white counterparts, Uncommon also closed 56 percent of the gaps, compared to the eligible charter average of 12 percent.

Congrats to the kids at Uncommon....all that hard work is paying off. 

Note to other charters: lots to learn from Uncommon.  I know we do at Match.  Example here

I think I can save some time for that 9 member Broad Prize review board.  AF in 2014, KIPP in 2015.  Done!  Drink some cocktails.