More Bathrooms!

I recently noted good post that Doug had written about bathrooms in schools. 

And Stuart Buck put into the comments this article, which includes.

Whenever I evaluate a school, my first stop is the boys’ bathroom because, without an unflushed urinal of doubt, it is every school’s least common denominator.

Now Jay Mathews writes another on the same topic.  It's about Rafe Esquith, an amazing teacher: 

...Let’s just sit in Room 56 and listen as he builds character by asking students questions. This first-day-of-school dialogue is straight from his book:

Student: May I go to the bathroom?

Rafe: Why would you ask me if you can go to the bathroom?

Student: In last year’s class we had to ask.

Rafe: Why are you leaving the room?

Student: I have to use the bathroom.

Rafe: Tell me about your trip there.

Student: Huh?

Rafe: Describe how you will get to the bathroom.

Student: Huh?

Rafe: Will you run? Will you slide down the railing on the stairway, which is a dangerous thing to do?

Student [starting to catch on]: I will walk.

Rafe: Why? Is running a bad thing? I love to run!

Student: Huh?

Rafe: There are wonderful places to run and make noise. Can anyone name some of them?

The class: The playground . . . the beach . . . the park . . .

Rafe: Exactly. So why are we walking quietly to the bathroom?

Student: You don’t want me to get hurt or disturb other classes.

Rafe: That is absolutely right. Tell me what will happen in the bathroom.

Student: What?

Read Jay's column here. 

Pre-order Rafe's 4th book here

Our middle school principal, Lisa Hwang, has visited Rafe's classroom a few times in California.  She thought he was amazing -- kids were achieving great things, really reaching their potential. 

Which reminds me.  Congrats to Lisa and Sam on their wedding yesterday!