Robby May's Classroom

Via Caleb Dolan's blog....I've meant to get to this.  Wouldn't you like to learn history in this classroom?  Feels like Martin Sheen Josiah Bartlett might come out any minute, sneaking a ciggie. 

It's the brainchild of KIPP teacher Robby May:

One of the ways I created my passion right away this years was through the design of my classroom……everything surrounds the central theme of the Oval Office. My room is literally designed as a replica of the Oval Office (attached picture).

I want students to walk into the room leaving school and actually feel like they are in the heart of government. I am careful not just to have “stuff” in the room that is pretty but doesn’t serve a function. Everything in the room should serve some purpose in my teaching and higher goal.

One of my walls is what I call a “Unit Wall”. Basically I change the wall with each unit to match what we are studying. The purpose to do a couple things

1)  engage students curiosity,

2) bring “real life” into the classroom through the actual objects we are talking about, and

3) to push students thinking.

I have attached to examples… from my Elections unit and one from the Civil Rights & Civil Liberties unit that I am finishing off now. I find myself constantly going to the wall to reference something and by the end of the unit the kids can explain every little detail on that wall and why it matters to our greater study of Political Science. This wall is meant to provoke my students to THINK about LOTS of civil rights questions. The tree is our “Bill of Rights Tree” (topped by James Madison) with our homemade ornaments illustrating the different amendments we are studying. 

Love it.  Read the whole thing here