1. Congrats to our CEO Stig, who was chosen for the Aspen Fellows.

The Pahara-Aspen Education Fellowship (formerly the Aspen-New Schools Fellowship) is a two-year, cohort-based program that identifies innovative leaders in the educational equity movement, facilitates their dynamic growth, and strengthens their collective efforts to dramatically improve public schools for low-income children and communities.

2. Story about teacher prep in WaPo (the newspaper which was just bought by Amazon's Jeff Bezos...who also, many years ago, bought a company Stig founded - small world).

She enrolled in a one-year master’s program at Teachers College, Columbia to learn how to teach special-needs students. She learned a lot about Lev Vygotsky’s theory of the zone of proximal development, but nothing of practical use.
Via - a go-to website for those of you who ask me what edu-blogs I read each day.
Wow, that "zone" comes up a lot.  Was in the NY Times story a year ago about Relay.  I wonder how Lev would feel about his theory being shorthand for "this theoretical thing you learn that has no practical use."  Actually, the basic idea....try to keep what you're teaching in the ballpark of what kids can handle IS practical, if you, um, teach it in a practical way.  A big teacher challenge is: test will be hard, kids are way behind, what do I do?
3. I can't remember if I blogged this a few weeks ago, my brain is a little hazy, but congrats to teacher Eddie Jou and his AP Calc students from last year!  Together they combined to get highest AP Calc success we've had at Match High School. 
More good news to come....