Small World - Newark Version

Corey Booker is running for Senate in NJ.  He's the mayor of Newark, and the favorite to win the seat.  Some years ago he met with Stig Leschly.  I tagged along for the Amtrak ride.  The idea was to launch the Newark Charter Fund, with Stig at the helm.  Booker was supportive.  So off it went. 

The Fund has a new 4-minute video

It features Booker, Mashea Ashton (the CEO of the Fund; interview with her here), a teacher named Melanie Hinds, and our good friend Jared Tailefer.  JT is a Match Corps alum and the executive director of Great Oaks Charter School, which he launched with this guy.  Jared evokes Dustin Pedroia -- same beard, same height, and Jared's skills with a carving knife on Thanksgiving rival those of Pedroia with a bat. 

The video also has the spirit of Charlie.  At the 37 second mark, Jared explains the handshake ritual, to greet each of the students.  He got that from watching Charlie, who did that ritual every day at Match High School from July 5, 2000 until he passed the torch to Jorge in 2006.  Charlie was a results-oriented guy, so he'd have been impressed with the achievement of the Great Oaks pupils, but he'd be even more pleased with the positive culture there.