Alumna Returns To Charter To Teach

From the good folks at TEAM in Newark:

Courtney Lok: I knew I wanted to be a teacher after I did my high school senior project with SPARK Academy, TEAM’s first elementary school. I was so amazed by how much the students knew and their overall love for learning! I knew I wanted to be a teacher at TEAM after my first field experience in college. I kept thinking to myself, “Why doesn’t this school operate like TEAM?” Regardless of those feelings, I love every opportunity I get to work with children, whether in or outside the KIPP network.

Mr. Hill, what would you say has been the biggest change at TEAM over the years? What sorts of changes should I be ready for?

Ryan Hill: Well, one big difference is that we are way, way better now at training teachers, and particularly new teachers. When we first started, we pretty much had to hire people who were already highly skilled in the classroom, so it was very rare for us to hire someone straight out of college. Since then, we have learned a lot about training people who are new to teaching, and what kind of support they need to have a successful first year and a successful career. So now we can bring in people like you, who don’t necessarily have as much experience but were top achievers in college, who really believe in our kids and are hungry to learn how to be great teachers.

This does not mean, however, that you’re in for an easy year....

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It's always heartening when a student joins the staff.  Antonio is now our VP of Tutors, with operations in Lawrence and Chicago.