Teachers: 5 1/2 free lattes

Hi folks.  A professor at UConn hopes to interview some charter teachers for an hour.  She's a former Ed Pioneer who got her doctorate at Harvard.  I don't know her, but she's a colleague of professor Shaun Doughtery, who co-authored a great study on the effect of teacher phone calls to parents. 

Evidently in addition to advancing scholarship, you can get a little caffeine.  How Prof Weiner will control her study for bias towards caffeine-seeking teachers, I'm not sure.  Here's the blurb. 

Volunteers Wanted for a Research Study

Study Title: Different Location or Different Map?  Investigating Charter School Teachers’ Orientation towards the Teaching Profession

Purpose of the Research:

The purpose of this research is to better understand how new and novice teachers in charter schools view the teaching profession and how these views might impact their long term commitment to teaching.

Participation Parameters: Participation includes one, one-hour interview to take place in spring 2014.

Eligibility Criteria: As our interest is in studying the experiences of new and novice charter school teachers and our method uses in-person interviews, we ask that participants have the following characteristics:

·      Up to 5 years of teaching experience
·      Worked all or part of that time in a charter school, and are currently teaching in a K-12 school full-time (whether in a charter or otherwise)
·      Currently work or reside in or near New England, New Jersey, or New York.

Confidentiality:  Your identity will be kept confidential (i.e. pseudonyms will be used in any publication or presentation using your interview).

Benefits: Participants will receive a $20.00 Starbucks gift card.

To learn more about this research, please contact Dr. Jennie Weiner at jennie.weiner@uconn.edu or Dr. Chris Torres at torresch@mail.montclair.edu