J Learned His Math Facts!

Guest Post by Andrew from Match Next


Hi all. Andrew here from Match Next. A quick success story for you today.

Got this in my inbox a couple weeks ago.

Awesome. The e-mail is about J, one of our 4th graders. Reflex Math says he knows all his 0-12 multiplication and division facts (aka 100% fluency).  

J started using Reflex last October. He’s been playing it every other day for an average of 26 minutes. He correctly solved 8,629 facts.

Here’s J high-fiving his math tutor.

Why’s he high-fiving his tutor? Because he just aced this:

This is a ‘Mad Minute.’ Our kids do them every morning. ‘Passing’ means solving every question right in under 1 minute. Every time they pass we put a sticker up on a board in the classroom and they move up to a harder sheet the next day. Plus major props from their tutors and friends. Here’s what the board looks like.

J’s been on fire lately. Hence the high-five. But it took time. He’d gone three weeks without passing a level at all and had only earned one sticker on the chart. But since finishing Reflex, he’s been passing a level pretty much every day.

Way to go, J.

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