ST Math Comes Through

Guest post by Andrew from Match Next

Hi all. Apologies for the delay in posts. Nothing like an appendectomy to sideline you for a few days.

Got some amazing news when I got back to the office, though. Made me feel good as new. A few weeks back, I posted about ST Math. It’s a math program that works by first teaching math concepts visually, then gradually introducing math symbols as students progress through each topic. We love it. I gave it a 9/10 for raw content quality.

But we couldn’t use it. MIND Research Institute, the company that created and sells ST Math, wouldn’t sell it to us fewer than 200 accounts. Their sales strategy focused on landing the whales, not guppies like us and our little blended learning pilot.

The rep for our region was great and super helpful, though. Went up the chain to see what he could do. At first, nothin’. Tough luck. But I recently got an e-mail from him, saying he showed the blog to some of the higher-ups. Said they’ve been hearing from lots of people echoing what I wrote in my previous post.

He came back with an offer for us to buy just the 50 accounts that we need - no 200 account minimum. They sell the program in 12 month stints, so we’ll be starting it with our students in August when the return as 5th graders. Huge props to our regional rep for helping us out, and to MIND Research Institute for letting us little guys sit at the table.