"Uncommon Success"

Brett Peiser of Uncommon, in a nice EdNext profile by Peter Meyer. 

“All good district schools, all good public charter schools, all good independent schools, all good parochial schools do the same things,” says Peiser, who is intensely competitive and refreshingly ecumenical. “It’s a fierce focus on developing teachers, a fierce focus on developing leaders. Those schools never lose sight of that. Education fads come and go. And new ideas pop up all the time. But the focus on teachers and leaders as the most important variables never changes.”

And this:

Most important when hiring, says Peiser, “We want to make sure our teachers want to get better. The number-one quality that probably binds all of our principals in hiring teachers is measuring the candidate’s willingness to self-reflect, which is why all of our teachers first have to do a sample lesson before they get hired. It’s not because we want to see them as being perfect teachers the minute they join us, it’s how they are afterward, when the principal sits down with them and gives them feedback. Are they open to the feedback? Are they reflective about what they did? Are they self-critical?”

Read the whole thing here.  Bonus photo of MTR alum Julia Goldenheim in action, teaching her 7th graders. 

Brett was a big help to Match in our early years (good advice) and for the Boston charter sector (creating one of the early high-performing schools).