No excuses leaders: Want a trip to India in May?

Last minute consulting and travel opportunity, from our friend Sameer, who runs India School Leadership Institute:

One of our trainers had to cancel last minute.  We need someone to conduct the Instructional Leadership workshops with our fellows in India for three days during the week of May 19.

In this module schools leaders begin to connect their own beliefs and values to the core purpose of their work and values of their school.

The objectives of these sessions include:

They understand the concept of circle of influence and identify strategies to stay within a proactive focus. 

They identify school leader vital behaviors and demonstrate understanding of how to apply these to effectively on-board staff into their school culture and vision.

They will learn to create actionable next steps to promote a mindset/culture shift.

The fellows will have the opportunity to draft their school's vision, mission and values. They will work on creating and presenting their instructional vision.

Through the use of competency frameworks, tools for observation/feedback, and case studies/classroom videos, the fellows will be introduced to the concept of hallway feedback, strengths-based coaching, and coaching for impact.

So, I think this adds up to a free trip to India to get paid to do a good deed. 

Sameer is a Golden State Warriors fan, so he needs speedy resolution so he can watch them in round 1 of the NBA playoffs next week.  If you're interested I'll put you in touch.