What's a Master Teacher?

Paul Friedman of Brooke Charter Schools writes on the TNTP blog:

This approach also allows experienced teachers to serve in teacher-leader roles. Over the past two years, the opportunity to mentor has made me more reflective of my own teaching practice—and I’ve taken great pleasure in watching my two mentees step into full-time teaching roles with aplomb. Experienced teachers can also sit on hiring panels, work on curriculum committees or develop internal assessments.

Our best veteran teachers are trained to become school leaders, or—if their goal is to remain in the classroom—they’re nominated to be “master teachers.” Master teachers coach teachers and associates and plan professional development, while remaining in the classroom full-time. For these additional responsibilities, master teachers, whose statuses are evaluated annually, see a significant bump in pay. This program recognizes strong teachers who want to remain in the classroom, rather than stepping into administrative roles.

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