Software Preview: Typing Club

Guest post by Andrew from Match Next

Classroom hack from Match Next today. I’m tinkering with a few typing programs right now. I’m at ‘stage 4’ if you’re a regular reader (here's my blog about I approach finding and testing new products).

Right now I’m trying out Typing Club. Seems promising, but it’s too early to say. I’ll get back to you once we play with it more.

One immediate problem we found was kids looking at the keys while they type. Big no-no. So I made these from the top of some copy-paper boxes:

We also learned quickly to go around and pull them off once in a while to see if kids’ hands are oriented correctly on the keyboard. Early on, they often take their fingers off the home row and have their fingers all over the keyboard.


I'll post a more detailed review in a couple weeks. Stay tuned.

if you want to talk shop: