Charter Wonk Comp

Michael Petrilli of Fordham Foundation writes:

Over the course of thirteen days, Flypaper’s Charter School Wonk-a-Thon produced eleven posts jam-packed with sound analysis on charter school policy today.

But who was the wisest, wonkiest wonk of all?

Here is where you go to read them, and to vote.  

My entry is here.  Included this:

The No Excuses charter isn’t a cure-all. But the reason CREDO shows New York City, New Orleans, D.C., and Los Angeles with very large gains is because they have several No Excuses charters, and the reason Boston outperforms these cities is because it has even more.

I voted for Jim Peyser.  In part because he commended the inestimable Sue Walsh.  In part because he's one of the people most responsible for Boston kids having a bunch of good charters, having toiled at this since 1995. 

His argument, also Boston-focused, is here