Boston Prep For the Win!

From the Boston Globe:

Boston Preparatory Charter School in Hyde Park was selected Thursday as the first-ever winner of the Pozen Prize, an $80,000 award that recognizes academic excellence in charter schools in the Boston area, the Boston Foundation announced Thursday. The prize was created by Boston Foundation donors Robert and Elizabeth Pozen.

“The school’s focus on ethics and character education help make it a model for schools across the sate to learn from,” Robert Pozen said in a statement. The school educates 370 students in grades 6-12. Two runner-ups for the prize, Match Charter School in Boston and Pioneer Charter School of Math and Science in Everett, will receive $10,000 each.

1. I really love the folks at Boston Prep. 

2. I met the Pozens back in 1999 and they made an early donation to Match that was very helpful. 

3. You can read about Boston Prep's approach to ethics and character education in Scott Seider's book, which you should buy. 

4. If you want to join the magical Boston Prep team, they're looking for a math curric star...

5. Yay, Veronica!