Data-Driven Football

Hat tip Alex Hernandez...

Story from ESPN:

"I didn't want to tell a coach that's been doing something for 30 years that he's wrong," Viloria said. "I didn't want to find out that what I'd been doing was wrong."

As it turned out, the GPS devices had the opposite effect.

The data didn't uncover any stunning secrets but instead gave Viloria the evidence he needed to better deploy plans he already had embraced.

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Veteran "teacher" used to "old-fashioned way."  Some fear of data.  Some distrust of data-type nerdy people. 

Then the data made his "students" better.

His students are really Florida State football players. 

But it's just another example of how data will change everything, including teaching; and that there are always early adopters (in our case, mostly charters); and that there's predictable backlash from the old guard. 

Sports change faster, of course, because the results are easier to follow, because of competition, because money and prestige and ego are on the line, and probably because more people notice the results.  Moneyball, etc.

Schools and teaching will change too.  May not be American schools are the early adopters, but it'll happen.