2013-2014 School Results

Guest post by Stig Leschly, CEO of Match Education

Hi all.  Stig here.

We just posted our full school results from 2013-14 on AP exams, the SAT, MCAS and college success, as well as our final attrition and demographics statistics for the year.

You can see all the numbers here, in our annual letter.  It was our strongest year ever, we think.

And below are three scatter plots that capture a few of the major plot lines from 2013-14 in our schools.

Scatter Plot 1: Student Attrition

In 2013-14, attrition across our schools was 8% from September to September. Our elementary grades had 4% attrition, our middle school grades had 13% attrition, and our high school grades had 8% attrition.   These are low numbers.  The graph below plots attrition for all public schools in Boston. 

Scatter Plot 2: Advanced Placement Exams

Our AP results sky-rocketed in last year.  Specifically, in 2013-14, 72% of juniors and seniors at Match participated in at least one AP class. And 51% of AP exams administered to our high-school students in 2013-14 resulted in a passing grade (3+).  We found out last week that Match High School had more African-American students pass calculus than any other high school in Massachusetts.

Scatter Plot 3: MCAS Growth

Our MCAS scores in 2013-14 were stronger than ever.  As importantly (maybe more importantly), equally strong were our student growth rates on MCAS.  In Massachusetts, Student Growth Percentiles (SGPs) measure how students perform on MCAS compared to peers state-wide who have similar prior MCAS results.  For example, a student with an SGP of 50% scored average among students state-wide with a comparable MCAS history.  The graph below plots the median student SGPs in math and ELA for all district and charter schools in Boston.