Teacher Time Mgmt

Our friend Maia has a new online course.  Free.  8 hours.  Reasonably entertaining.  It's on Coursera, via Relay GSE.  I recommend it.  Maia writes:

With an eye toward long-term sustainability, The Together Teacher examines the purpose for planning ahead, provides tools for tracking time commitments, deadlines and tasks, and helps teachers develop a personal organization system that interacts with their day-by-day practices.

All that fancy talk?  It just means you can help a teacher either

a. Free up some time to help some struggling kids


b. Go to the gym.  (And therefore arrive to work tomorrow feeling refreshed...and ready to help some struggling kids). 

High ROI.  If you invest the 8 hours, and get tools that help you save just 20 minutes a day, that's 60+ hours over the course of a school year.