Read this. It will only hurt a little bit.

Guest Post by Stig Leschly, CEO of Match Education

Mary Wells is one of the good ones.

She co-leads and co-founded  Bellwether Education Partners, a clever national firm in our K12 reform world.  They consult.  They head-hunt.  They advocate.

Mary is also a Match old-timer.  She is on the board of our graduate school of education.  Years ago,  she helped Mike Goldstein write the business plan for our graduate school, and she has been helping us not mess it up ever since.

Anyhow, Mary and her crew at Bellwether just put out a WHOPPER of research report on the state of the national charter sector.

That report is attached here.

DO NOT click through unless you mean business.  This bad-boy will crush you with 92 meaty slides that lay out how fast charters are growing, how well they’re doing, and what the movement’s issues are.  Great summary.  Lots of spinach.

Thanks, Mary and Bellwether black-belts, for explaining it all.