New Study. Same as the Old Study.

Guest post by Stig Leschly, CEO of Match Education

CREDO – a center for education research at Stanford – just released (another) study showing that students who enroll in Boston’s charters dramatically outperform their district peers in math and ELA gains.   

Specifically, students in Boston’s charters – when compared to their peers in the district – achieved four times the growth in reading and six times the growth in math.  This study points out that charters are serving roughly comparable numbers of low-income and special education students. 

Overall, Boston has hands down the best charter sector in the country, says the study (again).   

Here and here are some of Mike Goldstein’s prior blogs on CREDO studies of our charter schools.   They include a lot of sports references.

And here is Scot Lehigh’s spot-on Globe editorial this week on the CREDO study.  

To Scot, “this study should open some minds — if, that is, they are not permanently locked shut.”

New study. Same as the old study.