Match Beyond Live in The Boston Globe

Guest post from Stig Leschly, CEO of Match Education

The Globe covered our very own Match Beyond this weekend.  It was good story, and an unveiling of sorts.

My favorite quote:

Match Beyond could better serve students, move the needle on college completion rates, and give many more people a route to the middle class.

The Match Beyond crew--including Andrew Balson (who joined us in January to lead Match Beyond), Mike Larsson, and Bob Hill--are rightfully proud and get all the credit.

They just put up a slick full web-site, and they're full speed ahead (hiring, adding students, etc.).

Recall the basics of Match Beyond:

  • Overview: Match Beyond is our hybrid college and jobs model.  It serves mainly graduates of Boston’s high schools who either never went to college or never finished college and who need better jobs.  It also serves some Match HS graduates who didn’t complete college.  The goals of Match Beyond are high degree completion rates (at a low-cost) and great jobs outcomes for students.
  • Part 1 of Match Beyond: The Degree. With our help, Match Beyond students enroll in Southern New Hampshire University’s College for America and, once enrolled there, work towards AA and BA degrees online.  These online degrees are rigorous, accredited, low-cost, eligible for financial aid, and competency-based.   Because the degrees are competency-based, students can work at their own pace.   Over the last two years, we have formed a close partnership with College for America.
  • Part 2 of Match Beyond:  The Coaching and Support.  From our Match Beyond staff, students get intensive personal coaching, academic support and jobs counseling as they work online and plan for better employment.  Our coaches form strong, authentic relationships with Match Beyond students.  Come summer, we’ll open a full “coaching” campus downtown.

Again, read more about all this in the Globe and on our new website

And to close, a quote from one of our Match Beyond students:

I am a real person.  I have bills.  I have to take care of a child.  It’s not easy, but Match Beyond makes it possible.  You get an education, and they will help me with my career.  Nowadays, you’re not going to get any good job without an education.  I don’t see why anybody wouldn’t do Match Beyond. 

-- Sarema, Match Beyond student