NSVF Boston Fund

Ah, 2010.  

The iPad debuted.  Vuvuzelas at the World Cup.  Girl WithThe Dragon Tatoo did boffo box office (novelist Stieg Larsson's identity revealed here for first time as that of Mike Larsson and Stig Leschly). 

And the Massachusetts cap on charter schools was lifted. 

So in 2011, the New Schools Venture Fund launched its Boston Fund.  They just released a report covering the last 4 years. 

So what did the NSVF Fund do?  

Basically Boston grew from serving 5,000-ish kids in 2010 to 11,000 kids when the current growth spurt is done.  Without losing any quality!  That's what amazes me, looking back.  No dilution in results.  Boston's charter kids are still #1 compared to charter school students in all the other cities (according to Stanford's study of the 41 such cities).  

Props to all the folks who led organizations that grew, and the veteran teachers who showed the way to the newbies: our friends at Brooke, COAH, Excel, KIPP, Uncommon, UP.  The work is rewarding.  But really, really draining....particularly if you're going to grown and keep quality high.

From a Match point of view, NSVF helped launched Match Community Day in collaboration with Lawrence Community Day.  And allowed us to grow Match Teacher Residency, which supplies teachers to a number of the Boston charters.  

It takes a ton of energy to raise a fund like this, and then to do the diligence to invest it well.  Props to Jim, Lauren, Graham, and the NSVF team.