Introducing Big and Small (and other notes on our programming)

Stig Leschly here.  I’m the CEO of Match.  I have posted on this blog from time to time. This is a short post to let you know about a few changes underway here on the blog.

As long-time readers know, Mike Goldstein, our founder, launched and wrote most of entries on Puzzl_Ed for many years, until he took a new job a few years ago.  Since then, Mike has still been posting on Puzzl_Ed, as have I, but the blog has slowed down.

To revive it, I am taking it over week-to-week.  I’ve also given it a new name: “Big and Small: Thoughts from the crossroads of practice and policy in education.”

The entries on the blog will remain, as always, succinct, full of substance, and prone to humor. And Mike, who remains close to Match, will still blog from time to time.

Also, all the content from Puzzle_Ed is still here. 

In the next several days, we will post the first blogs to the new Big and Small – a three-part series on Advanced Placement exams. If you would prefer not to follow Big and Small, you can choose unsubscribe of course, but I hope you will stick around. And if you like what you’re reading, I hope you’ll share it. 

Many thanks,