Teaching the Teachers

The Economist, as only that magazine can, covered the vast world of teacher training and good classroom practice a couple of weeks ago with a cover story titled “How to Make a teacher.” Succinctly put — and anything else would be a mis-step considering the publication in question — the article is topnotch. A few pages of perfect summation...

Advanced Placement Exams: The Achievement Gap in Boston (Part III of III)

In this third and final blog on the AP, I’ll cover the AP exam participation and performance gap in Boston and our ongoing work at Match to close that gap.  I am struck – and have always been struck – by how little debate is devoted to the glaring race- and income-based achievement gaps that characterize the AP in our city. It’s a topic worth talking about.

Advanced Placement Exams: The National Achievement Gap (Part II of III)

In Part II of this series, I will cover the hard truth that most American high school students never take or pass an AP exam, and AP exam participation and performance varies alarmingly by race and income. 

Advanced Placement Exams: The Test Itself (Part I of III)

This is Part I of a three-part blog series about AP exams. This first blog provides an overview of AP exams and explains why we like them. My aim is to give you a concrete view of the test and of the content and skill mastery that it demands of students.

Introducing Big and Small (and other notes on our programming)

Stig Leschly here. I’m the CEO of Match. I have posted on this blog from time to time. This is a short post to let you know about a few changes underway here on the blog.