Application Process for the Match Corps and Sposato Graduate School of Education

We accept applications for the Match Corps and the Sposato Graduate School of Education (MTR) throughout the school year and we have a rolling selection process.  Our application will be available online in early September, and we typically continue to screen and accepts applicants into the following June.

Once we receive your online application, we will begin processing it within a few business days. You will move through the application process quickly, and typically know if we are offering you a spot in next year’s Corps within two months.

There are several stages in the application process.  You will find detailed information about successfully completing each set further below. 

  1. Online application
  2. Digital interview
  3. Online Assessment
    • Writing Sample (only for the Teacher Residency)
  4. Final in-person on-site interview

Application Process Insight and Pointers


Before you start the application process, we encourage you to dedicate time to learning about who we are and what we do in greater depth than what online job postings or print flyers provide.  Our website, particularly the pages about the Match Corps and the Sposato Graduate School of Education’s Match Teacher Residency, is a solid resource for learning more about the program and its participants, including what Match Corps alumni have gone on to do after their year of service.  The school pages are also helpful in understanding who we serve and the goals we have for our students’ success.


The online application is your first opportunity to tell us about your accomplishments, experiences and interests, and to explain your interest in participating in the Match Corps, and if applicable, your interest in applying to the Sposato Graduate School of education as a master’s degree student.

1.  Cover Letter and Résumé

As part of the online application, you need to upload a cover letter and résumé.  You should prepare these beforehand since you cannot save the application and return to make edits.

In your cover letter, take the time to show your understanding of the position you are applying for as a Match Corps member, and to highlight what makes you a strong candidate.   We also use the cover letter as an example of your writing skills and your attention to detail, so take the time to proofread it carefully. 

On your résumé, you should highlight your academic achievements, and your professional, volunteer and leadership experience.  It is important to include experiences where you worked with youth, even if they were unpaid.  Academic achievements include your cumulative GPA, participation in honors programs, inclusion in dean’s lists, or other notable awards.  Leadership can be displayed in a variety of ways including board positions in student organizations, management experience gained through campus jobs, internships and other work, or positions where you were responsible for others’ safety, well-being or productivity.  When creating or updating your résumé, remember that a résumé is typically 1-2 pages long, and carefully formatted.  It can be helpful to have a career adviser, a mentor, or even a friend, review your résumé for clarity, formatting and to catch any typos.  We recommend you save the file as a PDF to preserve its appearance.  The only other file format we accept for both résumés and cover letters is .doc/.docx.

2.  Academic Data

Have your cumulative university GPA and your high school standardized test score (ACT and/or SAT) available – you will need to enter these in the online application.  You do no need to submit GRE, Praxis of MTEL scores, and should not substitute any of these for your SAT or ACT score.

3.  Recommendation

The online application also asks you to provide the name and email address of a professional reference.  This individual – usually a former supervisor, coach or adviser – should be able to complete a brief online survey about your work.   We typically contact your reference when you are invited for an on-site interview (the final step of the selection process). 

4.  Open Response Questions

The online application includes 3 mandatory open response questions, a fourth question only for SGSE /MTR applicants, and 1 optional open response question.  We ask that you limit your responses to 100 words, or about the length of the paragraph about résumés above.  Take time to make sure you are addressing the question adequately, are not recycling parts of your cover letter, and once more, re-read your answers before submitting to prevent including misused words, misspellings or other mistakes.

Exemplary responders distinguish themselves by:

  • Staying on topic and demonstrating knowledge of the Match Corps program, the Match Teacher Residency and Charles Sposato Graduate School of Education (when applicable), and an understanding of how the application questions each relate to the program(s).
  • Providing relevant specific examples and explaining clearly how the examples illustrate the larger point.
  • Utilizing precise, eloquent vocabulary and lacking spelling, usage and grammar mistakes.

To ensure that you receive all of our follow-up communication, please add, and to your email address book or safe senders list.


The digital interview is an opportunity for you to address your experience delving specifically into some really relevant areas of your prior experience, and to describe your interest in the Match Corps with more detail and context.

The digital interview takes place through an online platform called HireVue – applicants will need to use a webcam, or smartphone/tablet with a video camera (HireVue has a free app).  Applicants who do not have access to this technology can let us know by replying to the recruiting staff member who invites you to complete a digital interview.

We are looking for thoughtful, articulate critical-thinkers who are passionate about the work Match Corps members do, have thought about how they will contribute effectively to our community and are eager to grow through their work experiences.  Applicants to the Sposato Graduate School of Education should also expect to reflect on how our training program aligns with their own professional goals and their personal learning style.

Before the Interview

Find a quiet, neat space to use during the recording process.  Make sure it is well-lit.  Test the strength and consistency of your internet or wireless data service from that location.  We strongly recommend using a direct connection (Ethernet) or a least a known wireless network, and not relying public wireless or mobile hotspots which can be highly inconsistent, easily disrupting your interview experience.

HireVue (the online platform) recommends using Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Firefox 17.0 or higher, Safari 5 or higher, or the latest version of Chrome, or downloading their free apps for mobile devices. 

If you plan on completing the HireVue digital interview using the app on a mobile phone or tablet:

  • Download the app in advance.
  • Set your device to its “do not disturb” setting so that notifications are not ringing or popping up while you are recording.
  • Use a headset that has earphones and a microphone to reduce echo and improve sound quality.

During the Interview

Use the tools provided by the website or app to calibrate your audio and video feeds, including completing the practice question. 

Focus on listening to the question, and make sure to re-read it if you could not hear part of the recorded version, or are not sure what you are being asked. 

Each question has at least a minute of prep time associated with it between recorded version of the question and the start of the response recording.  Take advantage of this time to gather your thoughts so you avoid: stammering, faltering, repeating yourself, losing your train of thought, or speaking without addressing the question.   

Pay attention to how long you have to complete each response.

After the Digital Interview

At the end of the digital interview, you have an opportunity to submit your questions to us.  If you are moving forward in the selection process, we will offer you a few ways in which to have these addressed – take us up on the offer to spend time speaking with you!


If you are applying to the Sposato Graduate School of Education, you are asked to complete a fifteen-minute writing assessment online within two business days of receiving the outcome of your digital interview.   

We evaluate your writing ability in greater detail than Match Corps candidates because the teacher licensure exam includes writing exercises similar to the assessment, and because teacher residents write a variety of academic papers and reflections in their graduate courses, often under close time constraints.


The on-site interview is a crucial part of the Match Corps and Match Teacher Residency application process for both the school and the applicant to determine whether this a good fit.  In Boston, the interviews are hosted Monday through Thursday, and take approximately a half-day.  Schools typically host two candidates per day, but each component of the day is individual.

You will be asked to provide a copy of your undergraduate transcript electronically before your visit.  If you cannot submit it digitally, plan ahead to ensure you have the physical copy with you when you arrive for your visit.

The email invitation to participate in an on-site interview will contain the start and end times for the dates offered to you, at that particular school site.  When making travel or transportation arrangements, you should plan to arrive to the schoolat least five minutes earlier than your scheduled start time.  

At the Match Schools, staff, faculty and Corps members dress professionally to demonstrate to students that their education is serious to us.  Students wear a uniform of khakis and tucked-in polo or oxford shirts, with an optional Match pullover or cardigan.  We recommend candidates observe “business casual” guidelines, and when in doubt, err on the side of dressing more conservatively. 

During your on-site interview visit you take a tour of the school and have an opportunity to observe a classroom and/or some tutorials so that you get a sense of how Match’s high expectations and “warm but strict” culture looks and feels in action.  You may be asked to share your observations and reactions during the interview, so focus on taking in as much as you can. 

You will also tutor a tutorial group of students utilizing the materials their current tutor would otherwise be utilizing that day.  You are observed during part of this session to evaluate your baseline ability to:

  • foster student learning  utilizing our curriculum
  • connect and interact in a professional manner with students
  • hold students accountable for high expectations in their academics and behavior

Finally, you will interview with the school’s Match Corps Director. 

If you have applied to the Sposato Graduate School of Education, you will also interview with a Match Teacher Residency staff member.  This interview does include a short teaching exercise, but you are provided the lesson objective options at the time of your visit and given time to prepare.  You do not need to plan any instructional materials in advance.

Sposato interviewees should make sure to speak specifically about Match Corps with the Corps Director (or other school leaders), and specifically about teacher training and master’s in effective teaching with the Teacher Residency staff member.  

Applicants advancing to this stage receive school-specific details about the visit and tips for success.

Questions concerning the application process? Please contact