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Match Education is on the forefront of education reform and is replicating the Match Charter Public School's full-time, in school, professional tutoring corps in other schools and disticts across America.

Match Corps: Chicago works with 12 of the lowest performing high schools in Chicago as part of a gold-standard two-year study run by the University of Chicago. This groundbreaking 2x2 study partnered with the research-based program, Becoming a Man (B.A.M.), is investigating the effect of our full-time tutoring model on reducing violent behavior and improving the academic performance of at-risk boys in high school. This experiment has never been properly done before and is a one-of a kind opportunity. If we produce strong results (as we expect) then this study will effectively prove that high dosage tutoring is the most effective tool that schools can use to drive student achievement.

We have 53 full-time professional tutors for the pioneer year in Chicago. For the 2014-2015 school year we continue to look for idealistic self-motivated and relentless people to transform the lives of students in the West Side and South Side of Chicago.

If you want to be part of this historic moment with Match and the effort to eliminate, not narrow the achievement gap, apply NOW to Match Corps: Chicago! Match Corps: Chicago Application.

Click here to learn about the structure of the study in Chicago, the researchers behind it and the B.A.M. program.

Tutor Responsibilities

Fellows guarantee the academic success of students by focusing intently on individualizing instruction and building personal and meaningful relationships with their students. They will receive all instructional materials, developed by a site-specific curriculum writer; with close alignment to Illinois state standards, assessments, and instruction particular to the school. The curriculum writer will preview all materials with Fellows prior to its delivery to students, to answer specific questions.

  • Fellows will tutor 9th or 10th grade boys in math only.
  • Each Fellow will work with two students at a time for each period of the school day in two schools, and will have a personal caseload of 12 students for the entire school year.
  • Fellows contact families each week about student progress. This communication forges trust, creates relationships and keeps parents aware of the successes and needs of their children.
  • Every site has a coordinator who is responsible for observing, training and assisting Fellows through the entire year. Fellows will be observed regularly and must be hungry for feedback.



  • Bachelor’s Degree required (ALL majors accepted, teaching certificate not required)
  • Strong basic high school math skills
  • Passion for education reform and hunger for feedback.


  • Proficiency in speaking Spanish (highly valued)
  • Volunteer experience with students
  • Prior coaching, tutoring or teaching experience 

The University of Chicago found in a recent pilot study published through the National Bureau of Economic Research that students in Match-style tutoring learn three years of math within 6 months. In other words, tutoring reduced the black-white test score gap by 60% within a six month period. These unprecedented academic gains were highlighted in the New York Times.

See special coverage of Match Corps Chicago on Fox News, also featuring Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who talks about his plan to expand our high dosage tutoring model to serve more students. 


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The mission of Match in the domain of tutoring is to help schools and districts across the nation to create effective, relationship-based, yearlong tutoring opportunities for recent college graduates, undergraduates and others to help ensure that high need students gain skills and knowledge to propel them to college success and, in so doing, to establish professional tutoring as the most significant intervention tool that any school can have—thereby transforming the direction of public education.