Match Teacher Residency and Sposato Graduate School of Education®

The Sposato Graduate School of Education and Match are sister institutions.  Aspiring teachers apply to the Match Corps and for admission to the Sposato Graduate School of Education, and their first year of SGSE involves participation in something called the Match Teacher Residency.  The mission of Match Teacher Residency (MTR) and the Sposato Graduate School of Education is to create unusually effective rookie teachers.

As of 2014-15, the two-year program works as follows:

In the first year, residents are trained in Boston. During the school year, they participate in our Match Corps tutoring program Monday through Thursday and receive MTR training on Fridays and Saturdays.  For more information on the Match Corps component of the program, click here. The intense Friday/Saturday MTR training sessions are a mix of graduate school classes, simulations, and ultimately student teaching.  In the spring, we help our residents find teaching positions in the nation's top urban charter and turnaround schools.  School leaders covet Match Teacher Residents; many folks get multiple job offers. In July, residents complete their final student-teaching assignment by working Monday through Friday in a summer school setting supervised by MTR and SGSE.  This first year culminates in residents receiving a Massachusetts teaching license. At this point, 80% of the MTR experience – and the work towards earning a Master’s Degree in Effective Teaching – is complete.

During the second year, residents have left Match Teacher Residency. They have full-time teaching jobs elsewhere.  However, they continue to participate in SGSE in two ways.  First, we provide ongoing support and coaching to residents who take teaching jobs in the Boston area. Second, residents take a yearlong distance-learning course that is closely connected to their work as full-time teachers. Ultimately SGSE evaluates each resident’s performance as a first year teacher to determine if they earn the Master’s in Effective Teaching.

Match Teacher Residency receives national recognition. Click here for more information.

Watch the below video for an overview of what SGSE and MTR are all about!