Summit corps, an americorps program (San Jose, CA)



Member Benefits:

  • $15,000 living allowance 

  • $5,775 education award (upon successful completion of service term)

  • Eligibility for health insurance coverage

  • Student loan forbearance (on qualifying loans)

  • Experience at a nationally-recognized organization

  • Lifelong friendships with other Corps members

About Summit Public Schools:

Summit Public Schools is a leading charter management organization serving diverse communities in the San Francisco Bay Area and Washington State. Summit operates nine schools enrolling approximately 2,000 students.  Its mission is to ensure that every student has the opportunity to not only attend, but succeed in, a four-year college or university. Summit’s schools consistently rank among the best in California and the nation. To date, 96 percent of Summit students have been accepted to one or more four-year colleges, and its graduates are completing college at double the national average. For more information, visit

Why Summit?

Summit creates the best places to learn! We are leading the reform of public education with a personalized student learning experience: 96% of Summit graduates are accepted into a college or university, and our teachers are of the highest caliber.

Our schools create the space, provide the time and foster the mindsets where teachers can be their best selves, deeply engaged with students, and working towards their professional goals. We do this through our:

● World-class teaching faculty who come from the nation’s top teacher preparation programs and prepare all Summit graduates for college, career, and life.

● More than 40 days of PD each year to empower teachers to thrive in a learning environment ready for the 21st century.

● Sustained collaboration where teachers are surrounded by like-minded, mission-driven colleagues who value learning for all.

● Persistent innovation that allows teachers the flexibility and agency to spur change from within.

● Mentor program that facilitates a small, safe and diverse community where meaningful relationships with students and families are fostered.

To learn more about the Summit experience, visit

Position Description:

This program is a one-year urban education fellowship at one of the Summit campuses in San Jose, California. Summit Corps members serve as full-time tutors to small groups of students while building strong relationships with them and with their families. Summit Corps members play a vital role in our schools, providing individualized attention to students as tutors and mentors.  Summit’s program is based on the Match Corps program, which has a long-standing record of the impact of tutors on the academic success of struggling students. In addition to tutoring, Summit Corps members also have the opportunity to work alongside school leaders and teachers as teaching assistants or administrative assistants, which provides them with opportunities to learn more about urban education and explore different careers within the sector.

Summit Corps members will benefit from the intensive professional development in place at Summit Public Schools.  Summit Corps members will participate in 8 weeks of dedicated professional development over the course of the school year, in addition to the professional development provided in the summer through our Summer of Summit program.  Further, Summit Corps members will receive weekly training and coaching from the Director of Credentialing, as well as mentoring from colleagues on site.

Another aspect Summit Corps members enjoy in their service year is the sense of community at the school. Being a tutor at Summit is a tough job, but a large part of what makes the experience worthwhile is being surrounded and supported by people who share the same commitment to education. We anticipate that Summit Corps members will develop close bonds with each other, leaving the program with long-lasting relationships and a professional network.


  • Tutor a small group of students in literacy and mathematics, as well as in core subject areas

  • Build relationships with students and families

  • Communicate regularly with families about student progress

  • Observe Summit classrooms and key experiences

  • Co-teach sections of Summit Reads, Summit Solves, and/or Personalized Learning Time, as appropriate

  • Uphold Summit culture, norms, and expectations

  • Participate in professional development and coaching for tutors

  • Participate in weekly site Leadership Team and Grade Level Team meetings

  • Attend all Summit organization-wide and site-specific professional development days, including June 15-19, 2015

  • Support needs of school site, as appropriate


  • Bachelor’s degree

  • Interest in a career in education

  • Dedication to growth and improvement

  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment

  • Enjoys working with high school students

  • Comfortable receiving feedback

  • Strong communication and writing skills

  • Relentless work ethic

  • Grit and determination

  • Flexibility


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