At Match, we believe all students can and should succeed.  We seek not only to prepare students for success in college academics, but also to ensure they develop the skills and mindset needed to persist, earn degrees, and, eventually, rewarding careers.

Match students consistently achieve high expectations.  More than 80% of each Match high school graduating class enrolls in 4-yr colleges and our graduates earn 4-yr degrees at 4x the rate of their peers.

But we are not satisfied.

Estimates suggest that “summer slide” accounts for nearly half of today’s achievement gap between low- and higher-income students.  Students from typical low-income households will, by the 6th grade, have spent 6,000 fewer hours learning than peers from middle-class households. 

The mission of Match More is to ensure every student in our preK–12 school has access to high quality summer experiences that drive their learning and development — in the great outdoors, service, sports, academics, the arts, and beyond.

As a powerful complement to our core school programs, Match More generates pro bono and/or highly-subsidized summer placements for Match students to reverse summer slide.  We build partnerships with providers and help families secure placements and existing financial aid. But sometimes “gap” funding is needed for incidental costs that often fall to families (e.g., transportation and equipment costs, special fees for special education summer camps, etc.).

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