Match Workshops are designed for teachers, experienced or aspiring instructional coaches  or school leaders who are looking to build new skills, acquire helpful  tools and resources, and learn about key practices we have refined through our work running high-performing schools and training effective teachers.

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November 4, 2016 9-4pm
50 Milk Street, 6th floor, Boston MA

Change is hard. Your time is limited. How do you make sure you are getting the most from the feedback you give?  Whether you are an experienced school leader, an aspiring instructional coach, or give feedback to teachers in another capacity, this workshop will help you ensure your coaching yields real change and improvement in your school.

This one-day workshop led by Neal Teague and Laura Mahajan, experienced teacher coaches and instructional leaders at Match, shares our approach to effective teacher coaching.  Participants will learn and practice our approach to developing growth mindset, identifying high leverage areas for improvement, and delivering specific, direct, actionable feedback.  Armed with our coaching manual, observation rubrics, coaching session templates and other coaching tools, participants will leave ready to improve teaching and learning in their school.

Comments from past participants…

"This workshop provided our team with practices and tools that we can implement right away. It is aligned with everything we believe about teaching and learning and was chalk full of incredibly helpful content."

"It will revolutionize your coaching and is super actionable"

"I was able to encounter real experiences I will have while coaching and began to identify my coaching growth areas."

Effective Teacher Coaching II

October 21, 2016 9-4pm
50 Milk Street, 6th floor, Boston MA

In this follow up workshop to Effective Teacher Coaching I, participants of our July 2016 workshop, we have the opportunity to dive deeper on how to implement Match’s coaching protocol in their schools.  We will take a closer look at some elements of the coaching agenda and then address the specific challenges participants are facing in their own coaching sessions.  This session is offered only to participants of Effective Teacher Coaching I.

coming in 2017

Leading Practice-Based Professional Development

Based on both the research into effective adult learning and our own practice-based teacher training methods, this one-day workshop helps instructional leaders design and lead professional development that gets teachers practicing the skills of effective instruction instead of just talking about them. It is intended for anyone who either leads or oversees professional development.

Proactive Classroom Management

Teachers consistently report that they feel unprepared to manage student behavior effectively.  A well-managed classroom is crucial for student engagement and achievement.  This one-day workshop prepares teachers to proactively prevent misbehavior and react productively when misbehavior does happen.  It is intended for any teacher looking to improve their management skills.  


Match Charter High School students significantly outperform their peers at other urban high schools on the AP Calculus Exam. For two years 95% of Match students have passed the exam and most recently 45% scored a 5 – the highest performance among urban high schools in Massachusetts.

In this workshop for AP Calculus teachers, Eddie Jou, Match’s highly-successful AP Calculus teacher will share the teaching approach and course materials that have yielded these positive results. Participants will receive a full course packet with daily lesson materials that can be used in the classroom, hear how Eddie structures his class to maximize student success, and learn new strategies to help your students succeed in this challenging course.