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In Boston, the Match Corps and Match Teacher Residency are two tightly connected programs.  Monday-Thursday, there is no difference between them.  If you are looking for a gap year program before going to grad school, are looking to get into ed policy/reform and want to learn how and where you can make a difference, or are looking for a service year, keep reading to learn more about Match Corps: Boston.  If you are passionate about becoming a full-time classroom teacher in a no-excuses school and want to take a year in our Match Teacher Residency to prepare you with the skills and tools to be a rock-star rookie teacher from day one, click here to learn more about the Match Teacher Residency after reading the introduction to the Match Corps below.

Match Corps: Boston is a one-year urban education fellowship focused on our tutoring and mentoring program.

Elite recent college graduates from top universities across the country commit one year to public service designed to close the achievement gap in Boston, one student at a time. It is possibly the most competitive such program in the nation, more competitive than admission to the Harvard Graduate School of Education or Teach For America. Match Corps: Boston is our original, flagship tutoring program.

Our schools' goal is clear: college success for each student. Most of our students will become the first in their families to achieve this goal. Therefore, the demands on our students, teachers, staff and the Match Corps tutors, are intense.

Although the Match Corps experience is somewhat different at each of our schools in Boston, especially since students' needs are different within each age group, all Corps members are assigned a personal caseload of 6 to 10 students at the beginning of the year. Match Corps members work with their students in small-group or individual tutorials over the course of each day, providing close academic support, mainly in math and English Language Arts, and supporting habits that foster the academic success of their tutees. Unlike traditional tutoring models that happen outside of school hours and only target failing students, all students at the Match Schools participate in two stand-alone class periods of tutoring throughout the day. 

Match Corps members work relentlessly to build in-depth relationships with their students, acting as mentors, and helping their students reach specific goals. Corps members maintain close contact with students' parents and guardians, building the strong bridge between home and school that is an important part of the Match philosophy. The school environment is small enough that every Corps member knows every student by name.

Corps members receive compensation for their services and housing is available to interested Corps members for a fee. After their year of employment, some Corps members remain in the education space, and others go to to medical school, law school or other graduate school programs, and others get involved in public policy or education reform.

Match Corps: Boston is often compared to Teach For America and the New York City Teaching Fellows Program. Like those programs, Match Corps allows idealistic and dedicated young people to invest their time and energy in helping disadvantaged youth.  Match takes a "No Excuses" - high expectations, "whatever it takes" - approach to pursuing measurable gains in student achievement. The biggest contrast between the Match Corps and other programs is depth over breadth. First-year teachers in a program like TFA interact with more students at one time, and spend most of their time trying to master classroom management - getting kids focused and working hard. By contrast, Match Corps members are able to focus their attention on the learning needs of each student from the first day onward.

Through the Match Corps, we challenge stereotypes every day. Some people believe that urban students lack the ability or discipline to become outstanding critical thinkers and successful high school and college graduates. Some also say that many college graduates lack a sense of responsibility toward their communities.

We know this is not true. Every day, we do what many consider impossible--we bring together idealistic, dedicated college graduates and hard-working, disciplined urban youth. We have created a program that allows Match students to achieve what so many consider impossible for low-income urban youth: success in college and beyond.

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"Abby is already making her mark out here in our San Jose office. We're lucky and happy to have her, and I hope she's the first of many more MC alums who find their way to us."

Charles Mangiardi, Match Corps VII                 Abby Stemper, Match Corps IX
 Influence Specialist, Year Up                          Admissions and Outreach Coordinator, Year Up