Frequently Asked Questions about Careers at Match School

Why should I teach or work at a Match School?

For a number of reasons! Let's start with these:

  1. Match is committed to teacher development. Through comprehensive professional development opportunities (school wide professional development happens once per week), frequent observations and feedback from fellow teachers and school leaders, and partnerships with other charter organizations, we aim to help each of our teachers improve in their practice and become master teachers.
  2. Small schools and class sizes. One of the keys to our success is the small size of our school and classes. In addition to the individual tutoring that students receive, we aim to keep our school sizes small and manageable.
  3. Strong and consistent culture. We facilitate a strong culture where each student, teacher, and staff member is committed to learning. We eliminate the guesswork by keeping our school culture consistent across all teachers, staff, and students.
  4. Focus on college success.  At Match, we aim for more than just college admissions – we want our students to be successful both in college and beyond. As a result, we support our students in more areas than just academics, and would love for you to be part of it.
  5. Leadership development. Our teachers have continued to do amazing things after their work at Match. Former Match teachers and staff have gone on to become principals at other no excuses charter schools, foundation members for charter management organizations, directors of instruction, education reform advocates and more. We support both our teachers who want to continue in their current profession and those who wish to go on to other meaningful careers.
  6. Amazing kids. We have the best students in the world. Don't believe us? Check out this video.

What qualities do you look for in a job applicant?

There are a variety of opportunities available at our schools, each with their own nuances. That said, across all of our positions, we generally look for the same core qualities:

  • Two years of full-time teaching experience for all lead classroom teacher positions;
  • A commitment to our mission of college success and beyond for our students;
  • Belief that all students can learn;
  • A growth mindset and willingness to grow from feedback;
  • A good attitude and commitment to supporting others. We can't do this difficult work alone, and the staggering task ahead of us is much easier with like-minded teammates. 

What does the application process at look like?

Our application process includes the following steps:

  1. Online application submission. Candidates who are interested in formally applying for a role with us submit an application via our online web form.
  2. Phone interview. Applicants who are selected to continue on in the process are invited to participate in a phone interview with a member of the Match recruitment team.
  3. Reference check. Post the phone interview, we will ask you to submit references that we can speak with from your former or current employer.
  4. Video sample lesson. After conducting a call with your references, selected applicants will be invited to submit a 10 minute video of their classroom. If a video is not possible for you, we will work with you to find an alternative. 
  5. In person interview and sample lesson. The final stage in the process is to invite you to come visit us at one of our schools to meet our students and scholars, our teaching and administrative staff, and conduct a sample lesson for us. 

I've taught for two years. Do I have to participate in the Match Teacher Residency?

Nope! The Match Teacher Residency (MTR) is for rookie teachers with less than two years of experience only. Those who are interested in full-time teaching or school opportunities do not need to participate in MTR.

I saw something on the website about housing being provided for Match employees. Do I have to live in Match provided housing?

Housing is provided as an option for our Teacher Residents and Match Corps fellows, but full-time Match teachers do not live in Match provided housing.

I don't have two years of full time teaching experience, but I'm interested in working at a Match School. What can I do?

We love the enthusiasm! If you are interested in working at Match but do not have two years of full time teaching experience, you may be interested in our intensive teacher training program. For more information on the Match Teacher Residency, please click here. In addition, we have a small number of instructional aide positions available per year, so please continue to check our website for those opportunities as they become available.