Arise teacher residency: new orleans, la


Program Description:

Next year, ARISE Schools will be launching a Teacher Residency Program. We have designed the Residency Program so that aspiring educators can have the opportunity to practice their developing skills with students and draw on the expertise of excellent urban educators. The goal is for teachers in training to be ready to lead their own classroom and have teacher certification after a year in the program.

Why join the ARISE Schools Residency Program? 

This program is a one-year urban education fellowship at one of the ARISE campuses: ARISE Academy or Mildred Osborne Charter School. As a Teaching Resident, you will work with small groups of students in core subjects and build strong relationships with them and their parents. ARISE Teacher Residents play a vital role in our schools as members provide individualized attention to students, which has proven to have tremendous impact on their academic success.

In addition to hands-on experience as a tutor, ARISE Teacher Residents also have the opportunity to work alongside network leaders, school leaders, staff, and teachers as teaching assistants. You will be given scaffolded, structured course work, and strategic instructional coaching to help you gain the knowledge and skills to lead your own classroom. Also, you will be immersed in the school and community. Being a Teacher Resident at ARISE is a tough job, but a large part of what makes the experience worthwhile is being surrounded and supported by people who share the same commitment to education.

What are the Benefits of the program?

  • Use your energy, passion, and dedication to serve the community
  • Gain the skills and knowledge to lead teach your own classroom through intensive hands-on instructional coaching and scaffolded coursework
  • Receive a living stipend
  • Receive healthcare coverage
  • Earn your teacher certification (after completion of coursework and proven success - pending receipt of grant funding)

What are the qualifications for the ARISE Teacher Residency?

  • Bachelors degree
  • Desire to become an AMAZING educator
  • Dedicated to constantly improving and comfortable with receiving feedback
  • Thrives in a fast-paced environment
  • Strong academic record
  • Relentless work ethic, grit and determination
  • Commitment to education reform

Why ARISE Schools?

The ARISE Schools Network works relentlessly to ensure our scholars get to - and through - college. We believe all scholars deserve a world-class education and to do this, every scholar needs excellent teachers. We developed the ARISE Teacher Residency Program as an alternative way for determined and passionate people to become excellent educators.

Why New Orleans?

New Orleans needs people who want to close the achievement gap!

  • According to the Louisiana Department of Education’s 2014 rankings, the New Orleans Recovery District currently ranks at the 17th percentile of Louisiana districts in terms of student performance. 
  • In the Recovery School District, the high school graduation rate is 68%. (The Advocate, 2013)
  • Some of our scholars enroll in our schools already three years behind in reading and/or math, and for our youngest, their vocabularies are often extremely limited. The National Association for the Education of Young Children reports “there is a 30 million word gap between children from the wealthiest and poorest families.” With gaps like this at such a young age, we know that we need to bolster our rigorous academic instruction with more personalized learning that meets each child where he or she is at academically.

The education landscape in New Orleans is unique!

  • After Hurricane Katrina and education landscape in New Orleans completely changed. New Orleans went from 8 independently run Charter School to 76 and became the first city in the country where 100% of the public schools are chartered. 

New Orleans is a place where you can do more for less!

  • According to GNO Inc., “The low cost of living is coupled with a favorable tax structure that has attracted both businesses and individuals from around the country. Lodging, food and transportation costs in South Louisiana are some of the most competitive in the country. This unbeatable combination is making Greater New Orleans an ideal location for families, entrepreneurs, retirees, and young professionals seeking a rich, exciting lifestyle without breaking the bank.”

New Orleans is an amazing place!

  • NOLA is filled with celebrations and festivals all year round! There is always something to do and many of these events are free.
  • There are many types of food and some of the best cooking around.
  • It’s the birthplace of Jazz and music remains an essential part of the culture.
  • It’s one of the fastest growing cities.
  • There are beautiful parks and public spaces.
  • You can spend time some of the many museums and art galleries.
  • Mardi Gras happens here, and it’s for the whole family. 

Want to know more about ARISE Schools?

  • The first school of ARISE Schools –ARISE Academy opened in the 9th Ward of New Orleans in August 2009. The leadership and teachers were charged to implement necessary changes that provide college-bound opportunities for all scholars in an area that was - and is still - recovering from the effects of Hurricane Katrina.
  • This Title 1 School’s inception began in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina with a nonnegotiable mission of “passionately raising each student’s academic, social and physical levels to be successful in high school, college and beyond!” And our unyielding diligence to this mission is working.
  • After its third year in existence, ARISE Academy was named a “Top Gains” school by the Louisiana Department of Education for its academic performance. In 2013, ARISE Academy was given a five-year extension on its charter for meeting and surpassing performance marks.  
  • This academic year marks ARISE Academy’s seventh year of enrollment.
  • In August 2013, the ARISE Schools network opened the doors of Mildred Osborne Charter School in New Orleans East as a free, open-enrollment, college-prep charter school.
  • All of ARISE Academy’s and Mildred Osborne’s scholars qualify for free lunch. This percentage is the highest concentration of poverty possible for an elementary school in the United States.

How do I join?

Check back soon for our online application!


 If you have specific questions about the ARISE Teacher Residency or application process please feel free to email

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