To help school and district leaders, individual practitioners, and policymakers learn to benefit from our experience and to implement practices that we have developed we have published a book and multiple research studies.


In 2013, Match Education published its first full-length book. Phoning Parents is a highly practical guide to working with parents. In this book, Mike Goldstein, the founder of Match Charter Public School and the Match Teacher Residency, provides practical, digestible advice about how to drive better teaching through better communication with parents. This book will help teachers systematically build relationships with parents that allow teachers to get more out of their students -- and stay. This book provides a road map for professionals, offering specific tips on different types of phone calls and when to use them, how to manage various parent responses, and how to develop a high-leverage parent calling routine. Phoning Parents is an essential how-to guide for teachers at all levels, school leaders, and anyone else who seeks to build great relationships with children and their families.

Phoning Parents is available on Amazon


"Such a quick and impactful read, from some of the most successful urban educators.  Teach For America staff and teachers have raved for years about these ideas."
- Wendy Kopp, Founder & Chair of Teach For America

"Phoning Parents is a wonderful book that teaches teachers how to open their hearts and classrooms to parents.  When parents can become co-architects in their children's learning, magic happens!  A must read for every educator!"
–Terry Grier, Superintendent of Houston Unified School District

"With its clear focus on practice, it can help beginning teachers get started and support more experienced teachers refine their use of phone calls home."
–Deborah Loewenberg Ball, University of Michigan School of Education and TeachingWorks

"Phoning Parents is engagingly written and totally and pragmatically useful to any teacher or administrator. It'll not only make you better at the phone calls you make now but help you see new opportunities to use communication with parents to help students succeed."
–Doug Lemov, Managing Director, Uncommon Schools, Taxonomy Project

Academic research

We partner with universities to conduct tightly controlled analyses of our practices.  We enthusiastically publish results, both encouraging and disappointing.  Through this work, we enable colleagues to learn from both our successes and our failures.  Below is a sampling of academic papers exploring our work: