Match Education has a deep history of sharing lessons learned and best practices through workshops, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), publications and academic research, and district partnerships.


Match has offered a variety of workshops for instructional leaders and leadership teams on effective strategies for coaching teachers. Nearly 100 leaders from charter, district and catholic schools have participated in these workshops and multi-day training sessions.


Over the last several years Match has offered two MOOCs through Coursera that have reached over 50,000 educators across the globe. The two MOOCs, which are still drawing attendees, include:

  • Surviving Your Rookie Year of Teaching
  • Coaching Teachers: Promoting Changes that Stick

To learn more about these MOOCs, click here.


In 2013, Match Education published its first full-length book. Phoning Parents is a highly practical guide to working with parents. In this book, Mike Goldstein, the founder of Match Charter Public School and the Match Teacher Residency, provides practical, digestible advice about how to drive better teaching through better communication with parents. To learn more about this book, click here.

Match has also partnered with multiple universities to conduct tightly controlled analyses of our practices, and we have worked with research partners to share the findings through a variety of academic studies. To learn more about these studies, click here.

district partnerships

Since first developing its highly successful tutoring program in 2004 Match Education has worked with five districts across the country to help these districts replicate Match's approach to tutoring. To learn more about these partnerships and our tutoring program, click here.