Match Corps Alumni

Over 500 people have participated in the Match Corps since its inception in 2004. Our alumni have gone on to exceptional careers in education, law, business, medicine, and other exciting fields. Take a look at what our Match Corps alumni are up to now by navigating the links to the left!

"I'm the Executive Director of Mali Health, a grassroots international organization that aims to reduce maternal and child mortality in West Africa through increasing access to care for marginalized populations. As director, I'm charged with setting the strategy, hiring and inspiring the team, raising the money and visibility, and sharing our message with the world."

Kris Ansin, Match Corps IV
Tulane University School of Medicine, MPH ‘11
Executive Director, Mali Health

“After college, I assumed I would go on to get a master’s in English eventually – I majored in English – but was not ready to go immediately after graduation. While I was trying to figure out what to do, I remembered enjoying student teaching so I started looking for service opportunities related to education. I interviewed for service work in L.A., Chicago, D.C., and Boston. The Match Corps stuck out to me for a few reasons. First, their literature suggested that the collective effort of all the adults in the school was having an outsize impact on student achievement – measureable impact. Second, the Match Corps gave you a built-in support group of people with whom you could commiserate and learn. Third, Match provided a supportive environment for you to discover whether working with students, or in education generally, was something you should pursue. Fourth, and not insignificantly, Match gave Corps essentially free housing. My experience at Match completely influenced where I am today. I learned that I wanted to stay in education, but not in the classroom. It got me interested in the policies and regulations that affect schools, which led to a master’s in education. My advisor in grad school gave me an internship researching state policy, which helped me get a full-time job working on federal policy. None of that would have happened without Match.”

Mario Cardona, Match Corps III
Policy Advisor, US Congress
Harvard University Graduate School of Education ‘08
George Washington University Law School ‘15

"MATCH helped me discover that I want to work in higher education as a mathematics professor, and gave me excellent preparation for my current role as a graduate teaching assistant in my PhD program. My year at MATCH was the most challenging, and the most rewarding, time of my life...there's absolutely nothing like it!"

Hakim Walker, Match Corps VI
The George Washington University, Doctorate of Mathematics’17

"I'm the Tutor Corps Director and Dean of Instruction at Great Oaks Charter School NYC. In our founding year, we have about 90 sixth graders, and we plan to grow to a 6-12 school. Working at Match absolutely led to me where I am today, not only because of MTR's training, but because of the inspiring work I saw done by everyone in the organization. It was one of the--if not the--hardest year of my life, but it made me an incredibly effective educator and showed me just how much I was capable of."

Laura Rincon, Match Corps V
Tutor Corps Director and Dean of Instruction, Great Oaks Charter School