Match Export

Since Match's inception in 1999, we have learned a lot about the nature of good teaching, about how to coach and develop good teachers, about rigorous curriculum, and generally about how to design and run a good school.

Match Export is our effort to share our knowledge with educators everywhere predominantly through free online resources.

  • Match Minis
    A free website that features 3-to-5 minute animated videos on important aspects of good teaching and teacher coaching. The site is targeted to both teachers and school leaders responsible for coaching and developing teachers.

  • Match Fishtank
    A free website that allows teachers and school leaders to download our curriculum and assessments. Over time, the site will release lesson plans, unit plans, assessments, and course guides for all of our courses. The site is a large, multi-year undertaking.

  • Match Schoolhouse

    A website offering online professional development courses for teachers, presented in an innovative digital format. Courses can be purchased individually by teachers, coaches, students and educators, or in a team format via school or district leaders and administrators. 

Historically, we have worked in close partnership with districts seeking to learn from our work, particularly districts interested in implementing our tutoring model. You can read about that and other prior Match Export work here.