Please read through all documents posted to this site. Operations directors are encouraged to educate employees about the business office website. The business office website is the only acceptable source for forms and policies and procedures documents. No prior versions of these documents are valid.

Please contact the appropriate individuals in the business office if you have any questions regarding finance-related matters that your operations director cannot answer. 



Tallie is an online system for employee reimbursement reports submissions.  If you do not already have an account, please e-mail

Deadlines: Reimbursement reports must be completed and approved by midnight EST on the deadline given by the business office. This deadline is typically 5 business days prior to the semi-monthly payroll date, which is on or near the 15th of the month and the last business day of the month.  

Resources:  Please refer to the following resources prior to using Tallie:

Travel Policy

Tallie Reimbursement Policies and Procedures

Tallie Articles

Register for a Tallie Webinar

Report Names: Please change the name of your Tallie report to your first name, last name, and date.

Receipts Email: To email receipts to Tallie, send them to from your Match email account.


AMErican express

Documents and reports for AMEX statements should be submitted via Tallie. Please refer to the AMEX Cardholder Policies and Procedures Guide for information and instructions on submitting statements.

Agreement and Policies and Procedures Cardholders must follow the policies and procedures outlined in this document. They must also follow all other rules and procedures on this site, as well as any additional instructions provided by the business office in any other format.

Missing Receipt Letter This letter should be filled out and submitted via the AMEX report in Tallie for any purchase that the cardholder does not have a receipt for. Cardholders must make all reasonable attempts, including contacting the vendor, to obtain a copy of the original receipt prior to using the missing receipt letter as documentation.


General Purchasing Policies and Procedures

There are a handful of ways Match can purchase goods or services.  Before requesting or making any purchases, all employees should refer to the approver list.  Please note that purchases that total greater than $500 cannot be separated into smaller purchases in order to only require approval from a level 1 approver. All purchases must be approved before the purchase or a commitment to a vendor is made. Any employee that makes an unauthorized purchase risks having to pay for the purchase himself.

Goods should be purchased with a method that is most preferable to the business office.  These are the available methods of purchasing from and paying vendors for goods, in the order of preference:

  1. On Account: Ordering or purchasing goods directly from the vendor without a purchase order.  The vendor ships the items to Match and then sends an invoice.  Payment is made by a manual check or ePayment that the business office processes through upon receipt of the invoice and packing slip. Please contact the to identify vendors with which we already have accounts. Please also contact the to create an account with new vendors that we expect to use multiple times. 
  2. Purchase Order: Purchase orders are used when we want to purchase items from vendors we don't have an account with and want to pay for the items after we receive them.  This process allows Match to pay with a manual check. Please click here to see details on how a purchase order is done with the business office.
  3. Employee Reimbursement: The next preferred purchase and payment method is employee reimbursement. If Match cannot purchase items directly from a vendor, we reimburse employees for amounts they pay personally on behalf of Match.  Please see the Tallie Expense section of this website for more information on employee reimbursements.
  4. AMEX Cards: A few individuals at Match have corporate AMEX cards.  These cards should only be used for payments to vendors that do not accept checks or purchase orders or for situations determined by the operations managers to be emergencies. Cardholders are responsible for contacting the vendors to determine if one of the more preferable payment methods are available. 
  5. Petty Cash: Petty cash is the least preferred payment method and should only be used for situations determined by the operations directors and principals to be emergencies (last-minute planning does not count as an emergency).  Even if the purchase is considered an emergency, it absolutely cannot be paid for with petty cash if the cost is greater than $25.00, the payment is made to compensate a company or individual for services provided, or the payment is to a vendor that normally accepts one of the other forms of payment.  Please click here to see the entire list of petty cash policies and procedures.

Please read the additional purchasing policies here: General Purchasing Policies


Other Policies and Procedures

E-Checks Instructions for Signers

Shaw's Card

Cash Receipts Please notify the business office of any cash receipts ASAP.

Business Cards can be ordered through WB Mason. Please send an email to David Steefel-Moore ( if you are interested in getting business cards. Please make sure you cc the Director of Operations from your school and include your cell and/or work phone number in the email.

Tax Exemption Certificates

Match School This certificate should only be used for purchases for Match High School, Match Middle School, Match Community Day, the School Central Office, and other School-related items.

Match Foundation This certificate should only be used for purchases for Match Export, Tutor Housing, and other Foundation-related items.

Charles Sposato Graduate School of Education



Staples Order Request Form All columns of this form must be filled out.  

Non-Employee Reimbursement Form Any individual who is not set up on Match's payroll system should use the attached form for reimbursements. These reimbursements will not be processed through payroll.  They will instead be processed with manual checks.

Contractor Invoice Template This template should only be used by vendors that do not have their own invoice templates.  This should not be used by employees. Match staff should always contact the business office prior to hiring any contract or employee.

Any contractor who submits an invoice to Match for the first time must complete and submit a W-9 form. Click here to download a W-9 template.

Shaw's Card Log

Petty Cash Log

Postage Meter Log Print-outs of this log must be kept next to all postage meters with a pen for employees to fill out. Personal mailings are not allowed to be stamped with Match postage meters.